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Repost: A bridal #hairstyle for every season

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Check out the gorgeous online article featuring my how-to/tutorials on these lovely hairstyles. I had so much fun on this shoot date, with fab creatives: I used lots of Batiste dry shampoo to achieve these looks, and before styling I attached Balmain hair extensions… to add length and volume and to give more hair to work my magic with.


Photographer: Darren Brade
Makeup: Nicola Peen
Accessory: Gillian Million


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This gorgeous bunch of girls are no longer a girl group – but this shoot was fun… I hope they are all enjoying their lives… I know that Laura Blair went on a series of The Bachelor with Gavin Henson and caused quite a stir, and Abby is an actress now… Here are some behind the scenes photos from the fun creative shoot, with a great team of people.

hairstyle Vicki hairstyle Vicki Lord Vicki Lord Vicki Lord Vicki Lord Hair Vicki Lord Vicki Lord Vicki Lord Vicki Lord  vicki lord vicki lord girl group fashion hair


Boho Inspiration

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I love that my purpose is to help brides on the most magical day of their life… what a wonderful job I have – I am so lucky being able to work with brides like the ladies on this page…

  1. This floaty hairstyle complements the floaty boho dress, which also has a vintage vibe.
  2. This up-do allows the bride to still show of her back, even though she has a veil.
  3. This up-do has a neatness to it, but the loops and braid, combined with fresh flowers adds the boho inspiration.
Samantha bride

Hairstyle 1


Hairstyle 2


Hairstyle 3


Bridal Beehive Vicki Lord Hairstylist

Tips for picking the right veil for your wedding day

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sophie-bride  vicki lord hair

Not all brides opt for a veil… but there are some brides-to-be not are adamant that they are going to choose a veil before they have even chosen a dress or their hairstyle… Some styles of hair and/or dresses just don’t suit a veil, Here are five tips for choosing the perfect veil for your perfect day:

  1. Choose a colour that is the same as your dress; for example, choosing an off white or cream veil with a brilliant white dress will make the veil look dirty.
  2. Think about the material you’d like it to be – and what level of detail will it have… Some plain dresses with streamline cuts can carry off veils with hem detail like a different colour trim, or embroidery, or thicker lace… a completely plain, thin veil may look too simple, and embellished veils from head to toe and be over the top when paired with a very detailed dress.
  3. Think about length, sometimes a short veil looks better than a long one – and can be more practical too. Amount of fabric is also important to consider, not just the length, but whether you are going to opt for a layered look, or literally a light, thin veil.
  4. Do you want the veil to be fixed to your hair in a way so it can be worn over the face, or do you wish for the veil to trial down the back? If you are opting for a lot of fabric with the veil remaining at the back, then consider a hairstyle that has height and detail at the front, there is no point in having an amazing, intricate hairstyle if it is going to be covered the whole time… so consider what is going to be seen, and what isn’t.
  5. It is key to think about accessories used in the hair to fix your veil, so veils come with these attached – but ensure you check with your wedding hairdresser.

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