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December 2016


New Year’s Hair Resolutions

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Okay so with any resolutions, they need to be achievable right? So choose a few that you know you can do during the year in 2017… these New Year’s Resolutions are all hair focused of course… because hair is what I do as your #Hairy Godmother… #LOL… so here are a few you may wish to consider…

  1. Be kind to your hair… stop yanking it and pulling it! If you need to use loads of products to achieve an amazing up-do or wild hairstyle, then make sure you take the time to give your hair TLC… so brush out the products carefully and give it a nice conditioning treatment.
  2. Do something crazy… okay, so you don’t have to go as wild as dying, or under cutting or anything so much out of your comfort zone.. but experiment a little… get some bright coloured hair extensions, or clip-ins, or some sparkly spray… be adventurous.
  3. Read more about hair… it is so important to learn about hair, why? well, because it is cool and fun, but also because you can then learn about how to really look after what you have, as well as learn about what you like, the latest trends and then you can speak with knowledge when you see a hairdresser.
    There you go three achievable, easy resolutions for you to set for yourself and your hair in 2017.
Vicki Balmain

One Year Anniversary

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You probably all know exactly how much I love Balmain, and my brides do too… not to mention the celebrities I have worked with. And this time last year I was very pleased to share that I was officially appointed the Balmain Bridal Hair Specialist… and I’ve loved every minute of working with the brand, including presenting on their stage at Pro Hair Live in 2016… I am excited to see what collaborations we will be enjoying in 2017.


Crazy Hair Day… America

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Do we have Crazy Hair Day in the UK? Well, they do in America… and as a Christmas gift, I wanted to share this video and just found it hair-larious… I mean hilarious! Quite effective result though, but I am proud to say that my sculptures are a little bit more sophisticated… but I am all for supporting other lovers of hair and hair professionals… and for any parents out there, this is great fun for any dressing up occasions… although my girls would probably cry if I turned them into a Christmas Tree… Enjoy… and do send in any photos if you attempt this at home! Vicki x



London, #ExCeL Wedding Fair

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Official Backstage #Hair Partner at London, ExCeL is… Vicki Lord

wedding fair gif

I am very pleased to be working with The Wedding Fair in January 2017, I will have a stand there and I am taking bookings for the V-Team. Kelli Waldock will be doing make-up on the stand for my lovely models… and for any brides that book with the V-Team will get a gift bag full of stuff that is perfect for a bride-to-be, including chocolates, and a gift from Glitzy Secrets.

So come along, meet me and my team and ensure you have your hair needs covered for your perfect day in 2017.



I’ve been nominated for

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bridal book

Look what I received… I literally decided not to enter any awards this year and then I was nominated…

Dear Vicki Lord, Mobile Wedding Hairdresser,
It is with great excitement that we announce: The Wedding Awards 2017!
Vicki Lord, Mobile Wedding Hairdresser is in the running for Best Wedding Beauty Professional!If you’d like to vote… please click here: Vote for me!


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