International Hair Designer, Educator and Multi-Award Winning Bridal Stylist
about vicki lord
About Me
I am Vicki Lord, a hair designer and multi-award winning bridal hairdresser based in London and the South East. I like to keep my About Me page short and sleek, just like my signature bob… But for those of you interested in reading a little more about me, about my life and my training, please scroll down.
My Story
I knew from a tender age that working with hair would be my future career. I literally spent hours as a girl, figuring out pretty hairstyles that could disguise my hearing aid, so I didn’t get teased by other children. And at the age of just thirteen, I was sweeping the floor of a salon, still with my dream of becoming a hairstylist firmly fixed in my heart.
“The hair is the richest ornament of women.” This Martin Luther quote further inspired me at the start of my journey into the world of bespoke hairstyling, and it wasn’t long before I was training at the world-renowned Vidal Sassoon salon in Covent Garden, London. As the assistant to the Art Director I worked alongside some of the most highly respected stylists within the industry, as well as some high profile clients and celebrities.
Just as I was getting into the swing of my career, my life took a turn for the worse and in 1995 I had a car crash, which resulted in a fractured pelvis. Doctors told me that I was unable to stand for long periods of time, and so my career as a hairdresser came to an abrupt stop. I decided to study art, and I began to practise yoga, both of which have helped me gain strength and a new perspective on hairstyling, which I have always considered to be an art.
With new found enthusiasm, I spent 1996-1997 working in salons in Australia; Pyramid and Icuras, where I learnt more about my skill, and decided to return to the UK to establish my own highly successful freelance business.
In 2005, I became an educator with leading hair extension company Balmain where I taught the application of hair extensions and the dressing of long hair in salons and colleges throughout the UK. Balmain appointed me as their Bridal Hair Specialist in January 2016, which I am thrilled about.
My years of experience have enabled me to perfect the hairdressing and design skills necessary to indulge my true passion and vocation – creating bespoke, beautiful, and unique hair for brides, VIPs and YOU. I am now booked as a TV hair expert for QVC, and have hosted my own show on Sky, as well as presented live on stage for Pro Live, and Balmain. I was the official backstage hairdresser for the Wedding Fair in ExCel London, 2017, and educate other hairdressers via my hair academy. All my styling and work are catered for the individual, incorporating the highest level of technical and creative ability to suit each client.