Braids for all ages and occasions. For festivals, sporting events or just a night out – there’s a braid for you. If you’re looking at getting fancy (we see you Pride Canterbury!) – we can weave accessories into your braid. These are *especially* popular at festivals (Oh hey Wheels + Fins!).

Braids – the easy way to change your look + make as statement.

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Vicki Lord - Braiding Bar


The Maddie
Dutch Braids Into Nape (45 minutes)
The Bubbalicious
Pull Thru (50 minutes)
Iron Maiden
Infinity Braid (25 minutes)
The Jacey
Double Pull Thru (45 minutes)
The Alex
Space Buns (45 minutes)
The Forget Me Knot
Dutch Braids Into Pigtails (20 minutes)
The Chennama
Multiple Dutch Braids (60 minutes)
The Daisy
Dutch Braids (20 minutes)
The Victoria
Half Up Half Down Space Buns (30 minutes)
The Crown of Roses
Crown Braid (55 minutes)
The One Wish
One Sided Braid (15 minutes)
The Candy Floss
One Sided Dutch Braid Tight (15 minutes)
The Warrior
Fishtail Into High Pony (45 minutes)
Curls to Accompany Braid
45 minutes
Braid Accessories
from £2.50

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Braids for every occasion