Running your own business is great, but you need to be fully aware of the busy times and the not to so busy times, and then make sure you are still proactive always. Some of my friends and fellow creatives find that January is a funny time of year for business… because there are those clients that are regulars but that have over spent at Christmas and are not booking appointments for hair and beauty during January, and there are some clients that decide that January is all about skipping the country and getting away from the cold… and so business can seem cold too, for some… but here are some of the things you can do to ensure the first week of January is a good start in your hair or beauty business whether you are fully booked or not!

  1. Ease yourself into the work and don’t have massive expectations of getting lots of bookings and then it will be bonus when you do.
  2. Contact all of your regulars and offer them last minute discounted appointments to say “thanks’ for being a loyal client.
  3. Christmas is busy for this industry so think about scheduling next year as a full on working time, followed by a holiday in January. This means that your increased intake can cover any lost income from the quite start of the year.
  4. Do a month of promotions.
  5. Use the time to assess what you need to improve in your business for the year ahead. Instead of worrying that January is a quiet month, see it as a time to reflect on the business and plan.
  6. My January has been steady, with small breathing spaces, which I am grateful of, as I know it will kick start all over again very soon and I won’t get another breather until, probably this time next year, so I’m embracing it. Good luck.

This January I am the official backstage hairdresser, with the V-Team of course for London Excel – And brides that book will get a lovely gift bag – so please come and see us.

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