#Halloween is approaching… There is no denying that vampirism has being romanticised over the decades, mainly through the art of film. From the original Hammer Horror Dracula movies, to the more trendy eighties flick, The Lost Boys, and of course the sexy dark comedy Vamp, starring the perfectly apt Grace Jones as head Vampiress. Who can forget Interview with the Vampire? Or maybe the cult series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer is more your fang (get it!) The successful US show starring girl-next-door Sarah Michelle Gellar had a long international stint and even bred a spin-off series, The Dark Angel. Critically acclaimed writer-director Quentin Tarrantino seduced viewers with his 1996 movie Dusk ‘til Dawn, a crime story with a vampire twist. What do these movies all have in common? Amazing style! But when it comes to vampire style it appears that the decade of the noughties really knows how to rock it… Twilight and Vampire Diaries certainly offer viewers the most beautiful vampires that have ever graced the silver screen – they may only appear during the light of the moon, but you can guarantee that they would still look amazing in daylight.

You still want to look sexy at your Halloween party right? So make sure you do the wild, or the spooky the right way with these Halloween hair tips from me…

So here is how you can achieve a sleek, pulled back vampire look: You will need: Soft Bristle Brush, straighteners, hairbands, hair-pins and grips, serum, high shine spray and hairspray.

  • halloween hairBrush hair through with soft bristle brush then spray with a good heat protective spray.
  • Now staring from the nape of the neck section hair and straighten hair with irons, continue till all hair has been straightened.
  • Now create a triangle section at the front of hair for the quiff and isolate forward with sectioning clips.
  • Run a high shine serum through the rest of hair to smooth and create shine.
  • Keeping the front part sectioned off, secure the rest of the hair back into a tight ponytail at the base of the neck using a soft bristle brush.
  • Wrap the ponytail round into a bun and secure in place with hair pins and grips.
  • Back brush the front section to create volume and quiff, secure in place with grips.
  • Spray with hairspray to secure in place then for a really sultry look spray with a high shine spray to create a really vampy polished look!

If you are more of a wild werewolf type of woman, try this back-combed style to go with your Halloween costume: You will need: Soft Bristle Brush, crimpers, hairbands, hairpins and grips, Possible clip-in extensions if required (I recommend Balmain length pieces), hairspray and coloured hair spray (Bumble and Bumble do great hair chalk spray).

  • vickilordBrush hair through with soft bristle brush then spray with heat protective spray.
  • Now crimp hair all over to create texture and volume.
  • Spray dry shampoo at root area and back brush all over to create a messy back-combed look with lots of volume!
  • Take a middle parting section and secure hair into two ponytail bunches, leaving loose bits of hair out to soften. (You may need clip in extensions to add length if required, secure over the ponytails).
  • Take sections of the ponytail bunches and pin the hair at the crown of head to disguise the parting area.
  • Back brush hair where desired to create height and spray with coloured hair spray to get the really wild look!
  • Or maybe you are opting for a sultry look, in a tight black number, less Morisha Adams, and more cat-woman, then try this high ponytail: You will need: Soft Bristle Brush, hair-band, hairpins and grips, pony tail hairpiece (I recommend Balmain Monaco ponytail piece) hairspray and serum.
  • sleek ponyBrush hair through with soft brush.
  • Tip your head upside down and secure hair into a tight ponytail at the crown of you head.
  • Take two sections of the hair from the pony tail and braid each section securing at the end with a braiding hair-band.
  • Isolate the braided area away from the rest of the ponytail using sectioning clips.
  • Secure the ponytail hairpiece onto the ponytail using hair grips and pins.
  • Now wrap the braids around the base or ponytail and secure with hair pins and grips 7) Run serum through the hair to create shine and then spray with hairspray to secure in place.
  • Be sure to smooth the hair line with the serum to create a ken polished look to match your PVC cat woman outfit!

Have a #spooky-tastic Halloween with the #besthair at the party!

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