The answer to this question is ‘yes!’ They are still trending in fashion, with pale mints, teals, pastel peaches and pinks, purples… and dusky versions of these colours too – many designers are going for bolder colours and prints, but you can still sport your pastels defo – and they create a stark contrast with black and white block colours. So pastel clothes look great with really blonde or platinum hair or really dark hair to set off the lightness of the clothes.

If you don’t want to head out and buy a new wardrobe you can add a touch of pastels with hair accessories… or if you dare to dye – then you can go silver, blue, purple, peach – whatever you fancy – there are hair shades out there like a sweetshop ;o) BUT I would say please avoid doing the whole full-on home kit bleaching route… unless you have heaps of experience or someone with you who has… I say this because there are loads of young girls uploading and sharing youtube videos of how to bleach at home… I would advice doing it properly and safely and heading to your hairdresser for advice… because you don’t always have to bleach, hair can be stripped of colour then dyed, so think carefully before you commit. You could always get a hair app, and upload your image to see what colour would suit you!

Oh and check out this fun website – can you tell which celebs has photoshopped and which ones have really got the bottle to dye?

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