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How to keep your hair secure! This is a common problem for those that manage to get their hair looking lovely either themselves or by a stylist and then they WORRY about how to keep it lovely for an event such as a wedding or prom or outdoor occasion…

The answer is pretty straightforward, but it depends on if you have a hair up do, or a hair down style…

With a hair up it’s all about securing the hair with good quality hair grips and decent hair spray. And doing this in a way that is not going to show all the grips, or make your hair look like cement… so practise is important!

When working with a down style or loose waves, DO NOT over load the hair with products as this will make the hair too heavy and drag the hair down; instead use a good quality mouse and a gentle spritz of hairspray and this should help the hair stay in place all day!

Vicki x

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