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The Royal Wedding Megan Markle

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Wow, what an amazing day, spectacular and yet intimate… and one that the entire planet had the privilege to share with them. I don’t think anyone would deny that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are clearly made for each other, such beautiful, caring people and so in love. 

There’s been so much talk about the dress, mixed reviews it seems,  it wasn’t what I expected or predicted, but it was an exquisitely cut, elegant, classy, an utterly perfect royal wedding dress that Meghan wore with grace and style.  I have to confess that my favourite dress of the day was the Stella McCartney gown for the evening reception, just stunning! The newly weds looked so charismatic as they drove off in that E-Type!!   


And so… into my arena… what did everyone think about the hair?  Obviously, as a bridal hair officianado, I had my own ideas pre-wedding about styles for Meghan, unfortunately I didn’t get this particular royal gig! Damn!!!   

Yet again, there have been mixed reviews, some have criticised the messy bun for being a bit too relaxed as we witnessed it seemingly unravel a little throughout the day, but Serge Normant is not a favourite celebrity hairstylist for no reason, he is genuinely able to reflect the personality and mood of his superstar clients. 

Let’s celebrate the fact that with this wedding, we have seen a break from tradition and formality throughout, from Harry’s beard, the exchange of wedding rings, the gospel choir, the informal bowl food, the list goes on and on… so actually, that messy updo may not have been to everyone’s taste, but it was on point for the cool, relaxed, self-confident royal that Meghan Markle has already proved herself to be.  

Personally, I would love to be let loose on lovely Meghan’s locks one day, I completely admire, respect and get her.  She would look gorgeous with a messy side bun with a hint of a chic vintage wave, it’s a style that would really compliment Meghan’s heart-shaped face… I hope she gets me too and I shall wait in hope for that royal summons!! 

But until then, it’s been an exciting whirlwind of a week so far at vickilordhair.com.  I am blessed and grateful for the amazing new opportunities on the horizon of my bridal hair world!  Being a part of a brides wedding day is so special and I’m looking forward to working with some very special brides of my own later this year!   Thanks for dropping by and have a right, royally fabulous week yourselves!

Cocobella announces worldwide best bridal hairstylists!

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Vintage Waves Bridal Hair Stunning

Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylists 2018

Check out this  wonderful blog by Cocobella bride.  I’m  privileged to be voted one of the best bridal hair stylist internationally.  I would just like to say a big thank you for this wonderful accolade to the lovely team at Cocobella.

For more information on booking your bridal hair with myself or my marvellous V team members please go to my website http://Www.vickilordhair.com


Vicki Lord Teaches Bridal Hair

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1E0BB4EB-CAAE-47EF-8240-F6AFB2CF471BVicki Lord Bridal Hair Academy will be offering exciting new courses for 2018. From HABIA approved CPD hours in the Classic and Editorial Hair-Up to beginners courses. The multi-award winning hair expert and educator will help you develop your knowledge and equip you with excellent skills to utilise as a sound basis for hair ups.

The Common Challenge

To be able to teach my love of her is a real passion of mine. But I am fully aware that many opportunities go by due to a common problem. Either many hairdressers avoid hair-up or salons simply set aside little or no training time. Understandably this can be for business reasons or availability and opportunity of staff and/or trainers. Some decent salons will provide that extra training but this is not a common practice. However this is where the Vicki Lord Bridal Hair Academy can really help you all out!

Once you have mastered the basic techniques of hair up, this will boost your confidence length and develops your knowledge and skill set to pass on to your clients. I’ve been lucky enough to teach some wonderful students this year who’s business has gone from strength to strength since attending my Classic bridal and editorial course. for more information please see my Academy website link


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When Kent’s celebrity hairstylist Vicki Lord heard about teenager, Beth Sullivan’s charity chop, she stepped in to make sure that it was snipped with style. Beth 15, a pupil at Herne Bay High, gave up twelve inches of flowing locks to Vicki’s scissors in aid of the #choptoyourchin campaign being run by, ‘Little Princess Trust.’ The charity provides real hair wigs for children suffering hair loss, due to cancer treatments and other illnesses. Vicki told us, “Most teenage girls want to take control of their identity, express their individuality. And often, much to mum and dad’s dismay, this involves trading pretty, long hair for something sassier! But taking part in the #choptoyouchin campaign, takes the pain out of it, going shorter becomes much more than a restyle, it is a gift. The feel good factor is amazing and it’s so easy to do. Beth’s hair was super long, so she was able to donate a full twelve inches, but seven inches is the minimum; you just fasten the chopped hair with a band and post to ‘Little Princess Trust’. This charity is doing amazing work and I am delighted to help in any way I can.” Beth heard about the campaign from her cousin Emma Panayides from Canterbury, who underwent the chop with her. Beth couldn’t wait to show off her new look and hopes that her charity chop will inspire others to #choptoyourchin. Full details of the campaign and how to take part can be found at www.littleprincesses.org.uk by Lorraine Lucas, image also taken by Lorraine Lucas


The Princess Trust Fund Charity Chop

Jan Uddin all set for the Red carpet

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I really enjoyed working with Hollywood star the Jan Uddin! The lovely Kellie Waldock and I worked our magic to make this handsome fella into a red carpet superstar! Jan opted for a simplistic french braid through the back of his lovely long locks. If any man can wear a braid it’s Jan! Thank you Jan for letting me loose on your luscious hair, till next time! x


Business in the first week of January

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Running your own business is great, but you need to be fully aware of the busy times and the not to so busy times, and then make sure you are still proactive always. Some of my friends and fellow creatives find that January is a funny time of year for business… because there are those clients that are regulars but that have over spent at Christmas and are not booking appointments for hair and beauty during January, and there are some clients that decide that January is all about skipping the country and getting away from the cold… and so business can seem cold too, for some… but here are some of the things you can do to ensure the first week of January is a good start in your hair or beauty business whether you are fully booked or not!

  1. Ease yourself into the work and don’t have massive expectations of getting lots of bookings and then it will be bonus when you do.
  2. Contact all of your regulars and offer them last minute discounted appointments to say “thanks’ for being a loyal client.
  3. Christmas is busy for this industry so think about scheduling next year as a full on working time, followed by a holiday in January. This means that your increased intake can cover any lost income from the quite start of the year.
  4. Do a month of promotions.
  5. Use the time to assess what you need to improve in your business for the year ahead. Instead of worrying that January is a quiet month, see it as a time to reflect on the business and plan.
  6. My January has been steady, with small breathing spaces, which I am grateful of, as I know it will kick start all over again very soon and I won’t get another breather until, probably this time next year, so I’m embracing it. Good luck.

This January I am the official backstage hairdresser, with the V-Team of course for London Excel – And brides that book will get a lovely gift bag – so please come and see us.

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Bridal Beehive Vicki Lord Hairstylist

Tips for picking the right veil for your wedding day

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sophie-bride  vicki lord hair

Not all brides opt for a veil… but there are some brides-to-be not are adamant that they are going to choose a veil before they have even chosen a dress or their hairstyle… Some styles of hair and/or dresses just don’t suit a veil, Here are five tips for choosing the perfect veil for your perfect day:

  1. Choose a colour that is the same as your dress; for example, choosing an off white or cream veil with a brilliant white dress will make the veil look dirty.
  2. Think about the material you’d like it to be – and what level of detail will it have… Some plain dresses with streamline cuts can carry off veils with hem detail like a different colour trim, or embroidery, or thicker lace… a completely plain, thin veil may look too simple, and embellished veils from head to toe and be over the top when paired with a very detailed dress.
  3. Think about length, sometimes a short veil looks better than a long one – and can be more practical too. Amount of fabric is also important to consider, not just the length, but whether you are going to opt for a layered look, or literally a light, thin veil.
  4. Do you want the veil to be fixed to your hair in a way so it can be worn over the face, or do you wish for the veil to trial down the back? If you are opting for a lot of fabric with the veil remaining at the back, then consider a hairstyle that has height and detail at the front, there is no point in having an amazing, intricate hairstyle if it is going to be covered the whole time… so consider what is going to be seen, and what isn’t.
  5. It is key to think about accessories used in the hair to fix your veil, so veils come with these attached – but ensure you check with your wedding hairdresser.

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