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Vicki Lord A Seaside Ceremony P2

Seaside #Wedding Ceremony

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Even with the unpredictable weather, brides still opt to tie the knot on the beach… and when they do, they have to ensure they choose a hairstyle that is going to look great despite a breeze or a little bit of rain, or indeed the arm sunshine.

This is one of my brides and she opted for a braided boho style with fresh flowers…

Boho hairstyles work great with the great outdoors and great British weather, because they are messy, undone or purposely pulled out in places, and so a little help from the wind is fine. It is still very important to secure the hair with grips and using a good hairspray.

Batiste dry shampoo is fab for adding volume that will having staying power in the warmer weather too.

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Boho on Horse

Boho Bride on Horse-back

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Vicki Lord Hair

My bride Alissa came to her consultation asking for something undone, messy, and bohemian. Alisa’s wedding was to be in the woods, and she wanted it to be Boho, relaxed and beautiful – She actually rode her horse to the venue in bare feet, side saddle, so obviously, she needed a hairstyle that would stand up to all of this… talk about making an entrance – and my job was to ensure I created a stand-out hairstyle, but one that also fitted with her ‘messy-relaxed’ brief.

We came up with this messy pony with fishtail and Dutch braids at crown height, with a middle parting and curls. Alisa has long blonde hair but needed extra length and volume so I used Balmain Hair UK hairpieces, Batiste Hair dry shampoo to add volume, and a Diva Pro Wand to create the perfect texture. I loved this look – I wish I could do it all again… So any brides out there inspired by this, give the V-Team a call

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