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I am not one for focusing on the negative – but this is the easiest way to warn all of you brides-to-be about some of the issues that come up when you are planning that all-important big day…

Mistake 1: Choosing accessories before you’ve chosen your hairstyle… It may not suit the hairstyle at all… so make decisions in a logical order.
Mistake 2: Another decision that is best made before you choose your hairstyle… is the dress… I am all about matching your hair to your perfect dress… the style can usually be catered to suit particular designs and necklines… but to get it right… dress choice must come first!
Mistake 3: Choosing the same style for your bridesmaids as you are having.. this is your day, you need to stand out in photos and you need to feel special, and guests need to be able to clearly distinguish between you and other guests… there are lots of complementing styles your bridesmaids can have without taking the shine from you.
Mistake 4: Getting a friend or family member to do your hair may seem like a money saving choice, but unless they have lots of experience with hair or are a qualified professional, you are best going to a salon or bridal hairdresser. The last thing you want to do is fall out with somebody close on your special day because they haven’t done your hair the way you envisioned.
Mistake 5: Even if you are amazing at doing hair. I think it is a mistake for brides to do their own… because it takes time away from you relaxing and enjoying your day, and because of the emotions and nervous energy you don’t need the pressure.
Mistake 6: It is a big no-no to think that you will not require a practise run through or a professional trial… this is the only way that you can actually see if the style will be what you want it to be…it is rare that the whole style will be done to perfection at this stage, but it gives an indication of time needed to style as well as whether it really is the right choice for you.
Mistake 7: This is something that i have seen lots, and that is brides with long hair wanting intricate updos or luscious long waves thinking that they will not require hair clip-ins on extensions… most detailed updos will require extra hair, because as soon as a stylist begins to create the hairstyle the hair gets used up quickly. I have worked on hair that brides can sit on, but some styles require more, especially braided styles.
Mistake 8: Changing the style or colour just days before the wedding without discussing it with the stylist doing your hair… this will have a massive impact on how the wedding hairstyle will look.
Mistake 9: Touching the hair too much after it has been styled, and spraying more product or tweaking here and there, will likely end up in the hair looking a mess… so KEEP YOUR HANDS off, don’t make the mistake on nervously touching the hairstyle because you could ruin it.
Mistake 10: Regret. I know some brides that regret not trying something more fun, or detailed, or sophisticated or FABULOUS! Some brides-to-be play it safe when it comes to their hairstyle, and this is absolutely fine as long as you are happy with it on the day. So make sure ta this point you are! But do explore other ideas… for example if you always have your hair in a ponytail it may be nice to wear it differently on your special day – after all it is your opportunity to shine, and feel and look amazing!

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