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The Royal Wedding Megan Markle

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Wow, what an amazing day, spectacular and yet intimate… and one that the entire planet had the privilege to share with them. I don’t think anyone would deny that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are clearly made for each other, such beautiful, caring people and so in love. 

There’s been so much talk about the dress, mixed reviews it seems,  it wasn’t what I expected or predicted, but it was an exquisitely cut, elegant, classy, an utterly perfect royal wedding dress that Meghan wore with grace and style.  I have to confess that my favourite dress of the day was the Stella McCartney gown for the evening reception, just stunning! The newly weds looked so charismatic as they drove off in that E-Type!!   


And so… into my arena… what did everyone think about the hair?  Obviously, as a bridal hair officianado, I had my own ideas pre-wedding about styles for Meghan, unfortunately I didn’t get this particular royal gig! Damn!!!   

Yet again, there have been mixed reviews, some have criticised the messy bun for being a bit too relaxed as we witnessed it seemingly unravel a little throughout the day, but Serge Normant is not a favourite celebrity hairstylist for no reason, he is genuinely able to reflect the personality and mood of his superstar clients. 

Let’s celebrate the fact that with this wedding, we have seen a break from tradition and formality throughout, from Harry’s beard, the exchange of wedding rings, the gospel choir, the informal bowl food, the list goes on and on… so actually, that messy updo may not have been to everyone’s taste, but it was on point for the cool, relaxed, self-confident royal that Meghan Markle has already proved herself to be.  

Personally, I would love to be let loose on lovely Meghan’s locks one day, I completely admire, respect and get her.  She would look gorgeous with a messy side bun with a hint of a chic vintage wave, it’s a style that would really compliment Meghan’s heart-shaped face… I hope she gets me too and I shall wait in hope for that royal summons!! 

But until then, it’s been an exciting whirlwind of a week so far at vickilordhair.com.  I am blessed and grateful for the amazing new opportunities on the horizon of my bridal hair world!  Being a part of a brides wedding day is so special and I’m looking forward to working with some very special brides of my own later this year!   Thanks for dropping by and have a right, royally fabulous week yourselves!

Cocobella announces worldwide best bridal hairstylists!

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Vintage Waves Bridal Hair Stunning

Instagram Wedding Hair Super Stylists 2018

Check out this  wonderful blog by Cocobella bride.  I’m  privileged to be voted one of the best bridal hair stylist internationally.  I would just like to say a big thank you for this wonderful accolade to the lovely team at Cocobella.

For more information on booking your bridal hair with myself or my marvellous V team members please go to my website http://Www.vickilordhair.com


Vicki Lord Teaches Bridal Hair

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1E0BB4EB-CAAE-47EF-8240-F6AFB2CF471BVicki Lord Bridal Hair Academy will be offering exciting new courses for 2018. From HABIA approved CPD hours in the Classic and Editorial Hair-Up to beginners courses. The multi-award winning hair expert and educator will help you develop your knowledge and equip you with excellent skills to utilise as a sound basis for hair ups.

The Common Challenge

To be able to teach my love of her is a real passion of mine. But I am fully aware that many opportunities go by due to a common problem. Either many hairdressers avoid hair-up or salons simply set aside little or no training time. Understandably this can be for business reasons or availability and opportunity of staff and/or trainers. Some decent salons will provide that extra training but this is not a common practice. However this is where the Vicki Lord Bridal Hair Academy can really help you all out!

Once you have mastered the basic techniques of hair up, this will boost your confidence length and develops your knowledge and skill set to pass on to your clients. I’ve been lucky enough to teach some wonderful students this year who’s business has gone from strength to strength since attending my Classic bridal and editorial course. for more information please see my Academy website link



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This look is stunning – it is a perfect fusion between classic and boho… I love it!

  1. Set hair with large barrel tong and clip in place to set
  2. Once hair has cooled remove clips and brush through
  3. Section hair from top of ear to the opposite ear and isolate the hair front section – placing it forward
  4. Now back brush root area of rest of the hair at the back
  5. Smooth outer sides of hair using your soft bristle brush
  6. Dress hair over to one side and apply hair grips vertically, central to the back of head
  7. With the remaining hair, roll back over the gripped hair gently to create a pleat
  8. Secure pleat in place with hair pins
  9. Now dress the isolated front hair back into the pleat creating height at the top
  10. Secure in place with hair grips AND your Classic French pleat is complete


Photographer: Katy Lunsford

Romantic Bridal Updo | London Bridal Hairstylist | www.kerryannduffy.com

#Bridal Trends Spring Summer 2017

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With bridal season much upon us, and my consultations being back to back, I thought I’d share two trends for bridal hair in 2017:

1) Soft curly ponytails, dressed to one side will be a key trend for 2017. These voluminous ponies look effortlessly romantic. Bride Lisa Davies’ hairstyle was secured with a Balmain pony and lots of Batiste dry shampoo, which meant it stood up to the wind, so this style is perfect for outdoor venues.

Photographer: Kerry Anne Duffy

Make-up Artist:  Nicola Peen 

2) Boho trends are so versatile, and vintage-boho is definitely going to continue throughout 2017. Bride Hannah’s messy crown area with loose curls is classic, but by adding a structured vintage finger wave I adapted it into a show-stopping twist. The bridesmaids have unique styles tied in with a themed braid, including the adapted braided mohawk, which is edgy and modern. These boho styles are catered for the individual face-shapes and personalities of each bridesmaid.

Photographer: Kerry Ann Duffy

Make-up Artist: Lucy Jayne

Vicki Lord A Seaside Ceremony P2

Seaside #Wedding Ceremony

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Even with the unpredictable weather, brides still opt to tie the knot on the beach… and when they do, they have to ensure they choose a hairstyle that is going to look great despite a breeze or a little bit of rain, or indeed the arm sunshine.

This is one of my brides and she opted for a braided boho style with fresh flowers…

Boho hairstyles work great with the great outdoors and great British weather, because they are messy, undone or purposely pulled out in places, and so a little help from the wind is fine. It is still very important to secure the hair with grips and using a good hairspray.

Batiste dry shampoo is fab for adding volume that will having staying power in the warmer weather too.

#lovehair @VickiLordhair

Bird #Bridal Shoot in County #Wedding Magazines

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I’m really please to share that a shoot I did has been published in County Wedding Magazines, including Your London Wedding and Your Kent Wedding… pick your copy up… here is the spread:


Hair, using Balmain and Batiste, by Vicki Lord (http://www.vickilordbridalhair.co.uk)

Ian Stuart gowns: (http://www.ianstuart-bride.com)

Anne Marie Simak (http://www.amsimak.com)

Photographer: Perou’s assistant Dawn Jones (http://www.stoyanovandjones.com)

At Belair House in West Dulwich, London (http://belairhouse.co.uk)

Boho on Horse

Boho Bride on Horse-back

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Vicki Lord Hair

My bride Alissa came to her consultation asking for something undone, messy, and bohemian. Alisa’s wedding was to be in the woods, and she wanted it to be Boho, relaxed and beautiful – She actually rode her horse to the venue in bare feet, side saddle, so obviously, she needed a hairstyle that would stand up to all of this… talk about making an entrance – and my job was to ensure I created a stand-out hairstyle, but one that also fitted with her ‘messy-relaxed’ brief.

We came up with this messy pony with fishtail and Dutch braids at crown height, with a middle parting and curls. Alisa has long blonde hair but needed extra length and volume so I used Balmain Hair UK hairpieces, Batiste Hair dry shampoo to add volume, and a Diva Pro Wand to create the perfect texture. I loved this look – I wish I could do it all again… So any brides out there inspired by this, give the V-Team a call



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It can be a nightmare watching your client move around after styling their undo hairstyle to perfection, whether it is a model or a bride, because you know that the hair has to remain perfect for the shoot or for the wedding ceremony… but with years of experience you learn to deal with such delicate matters, besides if you style the up-do correctly and securely in the first place it is usually fine, and doesn’t slip.

Most hairstylists, including myself secure certain styles with clips, but when sectioning the hair and using these clips indentations can form on the sleek hair, so I use tissues, clips and nets, as protective layers, and I add spray, this way the hair stays in place, but without being marked or damaged.

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