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I wrote this blog back in May 2012 – and I have since varied the simply bobbed hair do – changing length of hair and length and style of fringe and going different colours… red, black, and now copper… It shows that the same style can still be versatile and exciting!

Back in 1989, and well into the 90’s I was working at the one and only prestigious world’s best hairdressers, Vidal Sassoons in Covent Garden…

As a keen learner and lover of hair, it was only natural that I proudly sported a Vidal Sassoon trademark hairstyle – ‘the graduated bob’: A very blunt pre-scion hair cut, which Sassoons is renowned for.

Sadly, Vidal Sassoon has died, but he lives on through his signature styles. Due to the loss of my Guru Vidal Sassoon, I thought it was only fitting that I go for the big chop myself, having had long hair since I left Sassoons.

… And nearly 15-20 years on, I pick up the phone to Vidal Sassoon in Covent Garden and book an appointment with my longtime, extremely trusty and talented colleague ‘Jean Marie‘ to arrange to be ‘bobbed’.

It’s Friday afternoon, and I’m sitting in the salon chair at Coventry Garden’s Vidal Sassoons ready for ‘Jean Marie’ to cut it all off!!!!! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly nervous, but I know when it’s time for a re-invention… and this is one of those times.

I’m having a strange kind of déjà vous moment, as Jean Marie is about to give me a hairstyle that I wore twenty years ago!!!

Well, two hours later and I’m transformed!! Jean Marie has worked his magic! A fabulous sharp graduated bob with a sexy blunt fringe!

I strut out of the salon feeling sexy, liberated and a lot lighter!

I love my Vidal Bob !!!!


Vicki x

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