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T3 mint green Vicki Lord

#QVC T3 Compact Hairdryer in Mint Green

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If you’ve not seen it yet, please check out a short clip of me talking about the fab T3 hairdryer here:

I love the colour of this product and I even matched my toe nail varnish to the mint green of this super convenient, super stylish hairdryer. I love my Karen Millen dress too, because it is such a flattening cut and the thick black straps break up the bright colours on the dress and the bright copper tones of my hair.



#QVC: T3 Compact Hairdryer

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I love presenting on QVC, and working with brands that make professional hairstyling possible for everyone to do at home, and also make my job easer by creating innovative and easy-to-use products like the T3 Compact Hairdryer:



Dress: #PhaseEight lipstick by

Lipstick: #Stila by #GloriousBrands

Nails: Kelli Waldock #BringingoutBeauty

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