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Finger Wave on Short Bridal Hair

Finger Wave for Cropped Hair

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I remember a stunning vintage Hertfordshire wedding I worked at, the bridesmaid is photographed… she was really concerned that there was nothing I could do with her very short crop hair… In fact many clients are, especially for weddings, because brides and members of the bridal party tend to want to look elegant and pretty… BUT You can still look elegant and pretty with short hair… besides I’m The Hairy Godmother, and I love a challenge…

With this bride I created a very simple, but super effective finger wave. It suited the vintage vibe of her wedding, and as you can see it looks stunning!

It is created by using what I call ‘proper’ gel – old school tub of thick gloopy stuff purchased from the local chemist – I’m sure it is also sold elsewhere too ;o)… if you use this, the style looks shiny and stays perfected in place, it also looks authentic. Pair the 1920’s style hairstyle with a glitzy accessory – try Glitzy Secrets, and the look will be complete.

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