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The Royal Wedding Megan Markle

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Wow, what an amazing day, spectacular and yet intimate… and one that the entire planet had the privilege to share with them. I don’t think anyone would deny that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are clearly made for each other, such beautiful, caring people and so in love. 

There’s been so much talk about the dress, mixed reviews it seems,  it wasn’t what I expected or predicted, but it was an exquisitely cut, elegant, classy, an utterly perfect royal wedding dress that Meghan wore with grace and style.  I have to confess that my favourite dress of the day was the Stella McCartney gown for the evening reception, just stunning! The newly weds looked so charismatic as they drove off in that E-Type!!   


And so… into my arena… what did everyone think about the hair?  Obviously, as a bridal hair officianado, I had my own ideas pre-wedding about styles for Meghan, unfortunately I didn’t get this particular royal gig! Damn!!!   

Yet again, there have been mixed reviews, some have criticised the messy bun for being a bit too relaxed as we witnessed it seemingly unravel a little throughout the day, but Serge Normant is not a favourite celebrity hairstylist for no reason, he is genuinely able to reflect the personality and mood of his superstar clients. 

Let’s celebrate the fact that with this wedding, we have seen a break from tradition and formality throughout, from Harry’s beard, the exchange of wedding rings, the gospel choir, the informal bowl food, the list goes on and on… so actually, that messy updo may not have been to everyone’s taste, but it was on point for the cool, relaxed, self-confident royal that Meghan Markle has already proved herself to be.  

Personally, I would love to be let loose on lovely Meghan’s locks one day, I completely admire, respect and get her.  She would look gorgeous with a messy side bun with a hint of a chic vintage wave, it’s a style that would really compliment Meghan’s heart-shaped face… I hope she gets me too and I shall wait in hope for that royal summons!! 

But until then, it’s been an exciting whirlwind of a week so far at vickilordhair.com.  I am blessed and grateful for the amazing new opportunities on the horizon of my bridal hair world!  Being a part of a brides wedding day is so special and I’m looking forward to working with some very special brides of my own later this year!   Thanks for dropping by and have a right, royally fabulous week yourselves!

New York Bridal Runway Wedding Dress Trends For 2018

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vicki_detling_boho_edit4LRpsdBridal trends for 2018

Bridal dress trends for this year are a little more daring! As seen on the New York run ways last month! Brides now days are becoming much more fashion forward. I’m so excited to see some of my wonderful brides sporting such elaborate dresses.

Trends to look out for include; The more skin the better!, front splits, two pieces, capes, detachable skirts, semi-opaque lining, transparent fabrics, plunging necklines, open backs and 3D floral appliqué

Hair styles this year will be all about parallel Dutch braids still very much in keeping with Game of Thrones for those romantic boho brides. Try applying braiding hoops to your braids for an edgier style!

For the demure elegant brides, keep it shiny and slick straight hair, that’s tucked behind the ears aka Kim Kardashian!

The curly shag hair is a big look this year so I’m hoping my brides will take on a more Advant Guarde Afro approach to their curly locks of hair, big, big and more big curls!

To book your bridal hair please see my website at www.vickilordhair.com for more information.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Khaleesi inspired wedding hairstyle Kent

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Wedding hairstyle in Kent. I met this stunning bride Atina at Chilston Park bridal fair in Kent! Atina’s wedding theme was based on the Game of Thrones……! Being a avid fan of Game of Thrones I was delighted when she booked me to create wonder’s with her hair! It was an absolute dream to turn this hot lady into the Dragon Queen Khaleesi! I was given free reign of this lovely Bride to be’s hair as long as there were braids. With the help of some hair Balmain hair extensions, glitter ribbon, Batiste dry shampoo and Glizty Secret’s we came up with this braided look! I decided to create a hair style that was dressed to the side to complement Atina’s face shape and neckline of her beautiful wedding dress, I worked numerous dutch braids into her hair at the back and twisted them into a large braided Rose. Atina rocked this look and was an absolute dream to work with! Fabulous pictures were taken by http://www.lorna-elizabeth.co.uk/ and Make up by the talented www.makeupbynicola.co.uk



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This look is stunning – it is a perfect fusion between classic and boho… I love it!

  1. Set hair with large barrel tong and clip in place to set
  2. Once hair has cooled remove clips and brush through
  3. Section hair from top of ear to the opposite ear and isolate the hair front section – placing it forward
  4. Now back brush root area of rest of the hair at the back
  5. Smooth outer sides of hair using your soft bristle brush
  6. Dress hair over to one side and apply hair grips vertically, central to the back of head
  7. With the remaining hair, roll back over the gripped hair gently to create a pleat
  8. Secure pleat in place with hair pins
  9. Now dress the isolated front hair back into the pleat creating height at the top
  10. Secure in place with hair grips AND your Classic French pleat is complete


Photographer: Katy Lunsford


Thanks from #Brides

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For anybody who loves hair as much as I do, they would tell you that creating the perfect look for a bride on the best day of her life is extremely rewarding, as you know that you are adding a sparkle to her special occasion… And it is also lovely to hear back from the brides… here is a message from Becky, which I received after doing her beautiful intricate do…

Just like to say a huge thank you for doing my hair, I had so many lovely comments!! Saying it was amazing you truly are fantastic!! Also for helping me get into my dress!! Thank you again;o)  You truly are a star ;o) Becky xx”

Hayley sent me the following:

Dear Vicki,

I wanted to thank you again so much for doing such an amazing job on 30 April 2011! As you know from the trial, my hairstyle for the day was one of my biggest concerns and I cannot thank you enough for perservering and coming up with something really beautiful and unique. I was so pleased with it and received such lovely comments about the style. It was quite clear that you really had taken on board all of my comments/concerns/requests! Despite the wind (and a child stepping on the veil as I walked back up the aisle removing it from my head!!) the style remained in place all day!

I know that the girls were also delighted with their hairstyles, as was I – still amazed that you were able to create the same style for all three girls, especially given the length of Astrella’s natural hair!

Your styling really is a work of art, you have an amazing creative flare, a love for what you do and teamed with your desire to achieve perfection this really comes across in the finished article! I am so very glad that I booked with you because I know that no one else would have been able to create something for me that I loved and felt 110% comfortable with! Thank you very much – you made me one very happy bride!

Take care
Hayley xx”


“I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you again to my wonderful hairy godmother for giving myself and my bridesmaid such beautiful hair on my wedding day. You did an amazing job and I can’t thank you enough. Your brill sense of humour also helped to keep the pre wedding jitters away. I will send you some wedding pictures from our photographer soon. If we make it into an issue of wedding ideas magazine we’ll send you a copy as well. Thanks again, love Amanda :)”

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