V Team
I am blessed to have a great team to ensure all aspects of my business run smoothly, meaning that I can concentrate on making your day even more perfect. Members include my PR consultant, my website team, my Personal Assistant, and a select few talented hairstylists, so that I can offer brides more flexibility with available dates, locations and affordable fees.
I personally honed my skills whilst under the pupillage of Vidal Sassoons in London, arguably the best hairdressing company in the world. I have continued to develop a high work ethic, establishing a highly respected bridal and session hairstyling business over the years and providing a top quality bridal hair service. I therefore insist that my team meet this standard too and I am dedicated to training them personally.
It is only by adopting this approach, that I can be sure my team provide the best service and skills for every single bride. Find out more about the V-Team hairdressers below.
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Amy Huttley
Amy is a fully qualified hairdresser, studying at the Central Hairdressing Academy in Essex. Having established her skills, Amy has dedicated her last five years understudying Vicki, developing her bridal hairdressing skills following Vicki’s ethos closely. Amy ensures that she creates “hairstyles that make the brides feel beautiful on their special day”. She mirrors Vicki’s passion and professionalism, whilst bringing her own style and creative approach to her brides. Amy is inspired by the “feel-good factor of making others feel good”, and her favourite styles include natural looks, loose messy curls and boho styles.
Claire Hunter Nevers
With 24 years hairdressing experience starting in Saks in Newcastle, Claire says, “By far my favourite part of my job is putting hair up for weddings and balls.” Claire’s passion grew for this during her time working on numerous cruise ships, “When every passenger is heading to the same cocktail party, you have to get inventive to ensure each guest looks different and feels amazing.” Claire has worked on a number of magazine photo shoots too, and this has given her experience working according to briefs and to tight deadlines, under pressure. It was her time working for L’Oreal Australia in 2000 that led to her do regular colour work. “I like all aspects of hairdressing and am glad I trained in blow-drying in the Farrah Fawcett era… there weren’t as many tools around in those days to assist with the final look, so it was a whole different ball game, and required patience and skill.” Claire works very quickly, but accurately too, and confesses to be “a perfectionist, and I love to be part of a bride’s special day and finish her look with an amazing hairstyle.”
Recommended Creatives
For me personally, hair is my focus, and I consider the truly best opportunity of achieving the pinnacle of any skill or craft is to concentrate purely on that sole art. This way I can strive to achieve higher quality work. With this in mind, I would like to introduce you to similar minded ‘creatives’, people who I have worked with and highly recommend.
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